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The Jack Russell Terrier is an active, strong, agile and flexible terrier with a courageous character.

His fast gait matches his lively expression.

The coat can be smooth, broken or rough.

The skull should be flat and of medium width, gradually narrowing towards the eyes, becoming a strong muzzle with very strong jaws.
The stop should be clear, but not too pronounced.
The length from stop to nose should be slightly shorter than that from stop to the occiput, and the jaw muscles should be well developed.

The nose should be black, well developed, strong jaws with tightly fitted, well pigmented lips and a scissor bite with strong teeth.
Button ear or hanging ear, sturdy and very mobile. The eyes are small and dark, with an alert expression.
They should not be prominent and the eyelids should be well connected.
The eye rims should be black.


The neck is strong and dry, suitable for carrying the head in good balance.
The chest is deep rather than wide, with sufficient distance to the ground and the bottom of the chest is midway in height between the ground and the withers.
The body is slightly longer than high, measured in such a way that the distance from the withers to the base of the tail is slightly longer than the distance from the withers to the ground.
The back is straight.

Ribs quite horizontal from the spine, flattening at the sides so that the circumference of the chest behind the elbows can be spanned by two hands - about 40 to 43 centimeters.
The loin should be short, strong and well muscled. The shoulders are well sloping and not heavily muscled.
The forelegs are straight from shoulder to toes, seen both from the front and from the side, and with sufficient upper arm length so that the elbows are under the body. The forechest is clearly visible. The hindquarters are strong and muscular, well balanced with the shoulder.

Viewed from behind, the hind legs are parallel when the dog is standing freely. Good knee angulation and low heel. The feet are round,  hard with firm soles, not large, toes moderately arched, neither turning in nor out. The gait is straight, firm, free and lively. The tail may hang at rest. When moving, the tail should be upright and when docked the tip of the tail should be level with the ears.

Coat and coat color

The coat can be smooth, broken or rough. The coat must be weather resistant.

White should predominate, with black, tan or brown markings.

The Parson's hair is naturally coarse, closed and densely planted, for both rough and smooth hair. Belly and underside should be hairy. Color: completely white or white with tan, lemon or black markings, preferably limited to the head and base of the tail.


Ideal is 25 to 30 centimeters with the weight in kilos equal to 1 kilo per 5 centimeters of shoulder height. That is, a 25 centimeter dog should weigh 5 kilos and a 30 cm dog should weigh 6 kilos.


Bold and fearless, friendly and confident.

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